Pura Vida Effect for Dummies

Add a personal touch to your event here in Costa Rica with our recommended local bands. The best band of all styles of jazz in Los Cabos, (traditional, contemporary, latin, swing, blues, R & B,fusion, pop, etc.) with based in Los Cabos for more than 15 years, professional musicians, specialist in their instrument. From caviar to kids' menu, Pura Vida delights across the board.

Of course, beaches can sometimes be crowded in Costa Rica, but you'll be too busy soaking in the bright sunshine and splashing around in the stunning turquoise water to care about sharing the beach with other happy visitors and laid-back Ticos. Our rancho” is the social heart of the hostel with rocking chairs, daybeds, and hammocks for you to enjoy while visiting with other guests and overlooking the lovely tropical garden which enjoys frequent visits from iguanas and howler monkeys.

Pura Vida Hostel in Tamarindo, Costa Rica has been providing guests with memorable travel experiences since 2006. Even more so than previous Gogol Bordello albums, Pura Vida Conspiracy seems geared toward evoking how a rich community can be fostered out of dissimilar groups, with Hütz urgently passing on the wisdom he's gained from living as a nomadic outsider.

But one special event to mark in your calendar is Pura Vida Beach Club's fashion and music event on Monday, August 15, a day jam-packed with DJ sets, catwalk presentations and, the cherry on top of the cake, a live performance by island-famous musician Paco Fernandez complete with a flamenco show.

So when we reached out to Pablo Rojas of the Tico band Hijos to make a playlist in honor of Costa Rica's independence, he shared some words that address this duality perfectly. And, though Pura Vida's forged from the same roots as past Gogol Bordello records—Eastern European folk melodies, politically savvy UK punk- the music here feels less like a retread than a gathering of strengths.

Pura Vida features ground-breaking techno folk ensemble and brainchild of Pura Vida Effect Academy Award Winner Gustavo Santaolalla, Terraplén; iconic Ska band Desorden Público with their mix of ska, Latin rock, reggae and traditional Latin rhythms, and two of South America's hottest urban acts, Afro-Colombian Latin Grammy Award winner's Choc Quib Town, with their sleek and rapid fire brand of tropical style hip-hop; and Brazilian sensation Renegado with his smooth mix of Reggae, Maracatu, Cuban music and Samba with North American Rap & hip hop.

For anyone who hasn't had the pleasure of seeing the Spanish star perform live yet, his unique sound fuses elements of classic guitar with flamenco, electronica, Caribbean sounds and even rap, one of the originators of the musical style Flamenco Chill.

Flying is faster, of course, but driving can be an adventure that lets you experience the authentic countryside of Costa Rica. Expect the band in full shape and completely fired up to deliver the most outstanding Pura Vida show ever. With a view over the Oldambtmeer and a picnic basket within reach, you can enjoy the open air concert Pura Vida at the end of August.

Whether he's trotting out his tried-and-true borders-as-scars metaphors- long a popular topic for ex-refugee Hütz and the genre-meshing band he leads- or spinning a wild yarn about a couple chatty midwives, he mugs and marionettes his way through Pura Vida Conspiracy like a man possessed.

Firebrand-from-birth Hütz opts for a fairly conversational tone throughout much of Pura Vida, and this "you and me both, brother" routine is a few shades more compelling than the throat-shoveling confrontation that marred lesser Gogol records. Pura Vida is going to make a live recording of the performance in Gebouw T this Saturday November 10th.

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