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While the outlook for riding during the winter period is typically grim in the UK, the turn of the new year is an exciting time as most motorcycle manufacturers choose to unveil and launch their newest motorcycles. Couple that with the practicality of a comfortable seat for long distance riding, and other rider comforts such as a tall windscreen and a relaxed riding position, and you've got a great package on your hands - just don't expect it to win many off-road races while you're riding it.

Who's to say riding a V-Strom on a smooth dirt road in the jungles of Guatemala is less adventurous than riding a DRZ in your hometown OHV park. To handle the load from these accessories, ADV bikes also generally come with larger stators, so feel free to plug in your heated gear and charge your electronics without having to worry about draining the battery.

Armed with 108.5 hp at 7,250 rpm and 84.2 lb-torque at 6,000 rpm, the Super Tenere is a great adventure motorcycle for those who need to clock a lot of miles on the road in between off-road excursions. As technology advances , the service intervals for adventure motorcycles are increasing and some aren't scheduled for valve checks until 12,000 miles or more.

Disc brakes allow frame clearances for fatter tyres, making for a bike that can cope with a very wide range of surfaces and that points & laughs at potholes. Based in the heart of rural Norfolk, Adventure Bike Training offers complete, top-notch motorcycle training packages for novice, intermediate and expert off-roaders across East Anglia.

In fact, since the engine is a rather simple single cylinder arrangement, it's a nice adv riding and basic motorcycle that you can fix with whatever you've got in your tool kit. To me, the most exciting motorcycle in that future product line is the Pan America, a large-capacity, liquid-cooled adventure bike in the BMW mold.

If the seat height of a potential bike is far too high for you (eg 4 inches or more) it may be a case of that bike not being suitable as there is a limit to the amount some bikes can be lowered before the suspension is affected to the point it becomes a pig.

If you intend on doing lots of proper off-road work they still offer a version called the R1200GS Adventure (R1200GSA) which has a larger tank, lots of drop protection and more ground clearance although it's another 20kg heavier and is due a major update soon.

While most modern adventure motorcycles are treated with a bevy of riding aids, the new Africa Twin comes the bare essentials. Adventure bikes are made for smooth and rough tarmac and hard packed dry you put on more knobby tyres u can handle more mud grass and sand but the road touring suffers.

In creating this list of Adventure Bikes for new adventure riders, we considered bikes that have an emphasis on long-range comfort. For a start, you've got that category of motorcycles that look like an adventure tourer should look - an upright riding position, longer suspension travel, a front screen - but they're really far more at home in urban environments.

Sometimes, getting lost is the best way to find out exactly where you need to be. And no matter the terrain, weather, location, or type of riding that gets you out of bed in the morning, our adventure bikes will be there for every turn of the pedal. A long range fuel tank is a godsend if you're going bush and if you're travelling internationally you may want to consider an engine remap to run on low-grade petrol.

Some manufacturers add street-legal equipment to existing off-road motorcycles. Middleweights are most at home on smooth trails, graded dirt roads and pavement. A KTM 690 Engine in a 640 adventure chassis wityh suspension Tank and fairing to suit. These exciting improvements include; full-colour angle adjustable TFT instruments, up to six riding modes (including off-road pro), new ergonomic backlit switchcubes, distinctive signature all-LED lighting and updated cruise control.

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