Effective, attractive indoor lighting setups can easily eat into your photography business's budget if you let it; lights and lighting gear can run in the thousands of dollars. By making it concave, you help to intensify the light and create a spotlight, rather than a soft lighting effect. These lights help visually separate the model from the back… Read More

While the outlook for riding during the winter period is typically grim in the UK, the turn of the new year is an exciting time as most motorcycle manufacturers choose to unveil and launch their newest motorcycles. Couple that with the practicality of a comfortable seat for long distance riding, and other rider comforts such as a tall windscreen an… Read More

Ever since its release, Ubisoft has been running Operation Health for Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege , designed to constantly improve the gameplay experience. The update, called Operation Chimera, introduces the cooperative horde mode Outbreak as well as new operators Finka and Lion You can download the patch right now on PC or consoles, and it inc… Read More

Overwatch's highly sharable slick Play of the Game has been sitting in the US Patent and Trademark Office since 2016. Well - per the outline of the patent document - Blizzard has patented the system behind the feature, which apparently works with the game's timestapping technology (which timestamps notable events during a match). As spotted by Unik… Read More

IMovie tricks for your iMovie clips. If you drag the wrong clip into the timeline then you can delete it from there by selecting it and pressing the back delete key. You can change the duration of the photo by clicking on one of its edges in the timeline and sliding it - just as you would when trimming a video clip.When you cut a feature, pay close… Read More